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Using sliding doors for patio enclosure and sunroom addition

datePosted on 05:35, April 24th, 2012 by admin

Do you want to enclose your open patio under an existing roof? Do you want to have maximum amount of glass? Consider to do it with sliding glass doors. In some cases we use standard, “of the shelf” doors. However, for best result we recommend to use custom doors and custom windows. Just remember that all open patios have a sloped concrete floor at a ground level. It is important to have a level concrete floor and at list 3’ to 4’ above the ground level for any patio enclosure or sunroom. To achieve a level floor at the proper height we pour new concrete over the existing concrete floor. This type of design and construction can be used for room additions, patio enclosures and sunrooms. Each type can be cooled or heated efficiently as long as we use high quality of insulated glass and size up the air conditioning and heating unit properly.
To see additional photos go to or contact me at:

Home Remodeling in Arizona

datePosted on 23:19, April 19th, 2012 by admin
Home remodeling and home renovations is on the rise in Arizona. Why? because it is not practical in today’s down economy, to sell an existing house in order to purchase another house. it make sense to stay in your existing home and do various upgrades. Few of the popular home renovation today are: Sun room addition, room addition, kitchen and bathroom remodeling, patio roof covers, patio enclosures and many interior remodeling and upgrades. AZ Enclosures and Sun rooms is a division of a licensed general contracting company that specialises in all type of remodeling and renovations. The company offers free estimates and in most cases a free design. Contact or call 602-791-3228


datePosted on 12:14, April 14th, 2012 by admin

Most homes can have one or two sections converted into a beautiful sunroom. We are the most creative and reliable sunroom contractor in the Phoenix Valley. We will convert your dreams into a reality.

Sunroom Addition

datePosted on 13:25, April 12th, 2012 by admin

A popular addition in the Phoenix Valley, is a Sunroom Addition. We are blessed with a gordious weather and a beautiful views of mountains and creative landscaping. That why most homeowners, who need an extra living space, are selecting sun room addition or patio enclosure that are not obstructing the view. Because of the hot weather and bright sunshine, the sun room must be well insulated and have the best insulated windows and doors in order to cool this additional space efficiently. Ask AZ Enclosures and Sun rooms about the latest in insulated glass technology that reflect 97% of the sun ray away from the room. Homeowner should also pay attention to the type of flooring for the sun room enclosure. It is easy and efficient to cool or heat the sun room enclosure if it is designed and build correctly.

“Green Construction” for Sunrooms

datePosted on 06:48, April 8th, 2012 by admin

I build several Green Building homes in Scottsdale and phoenix. The most cost effective materials for residential or commercial green construction is light gauge steel. Steel can be use for exterior walls as well as interior walls. Because light gauge studs and roof rafters can be ordered pre-cut to any size the waste factor is minimal. Also it cut down on framing time. Another material we used for a green construction is the Scoria insulated concrete wall. A unique building material. Using Arizona’s natural Scoria cinders. For additional information about green construction contact: Avi kagan 602-791-3228
Any patio enclosure or sunroom can be designed and constructed as a green building addition

We also do remodeling such as Batheoom

datePosted on 07:11, April 6th, 2012 by admin
We can redesign and remodel any existing bathroom that will give the homeowner the best return on his remodeling investment. AZ Enclosures and Sunrooms is a division of S and S framing company. A licensed, bonded and insured general contracting company. The principals of the company have a vast experience in all type of home remodeling and renovations. Such as but not limited to bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, home interior and exterior remodeling, sunroom additions, patio enclosures, patio roof covers and more. The bathroom in this picture was designed to fit in a south western contemporary home. It has his and hers vanities with skylight above to bring in the natural light. The shower size is 4′ by 8′ with 3 shower heads. additional information write to or call 602-791-3228

Do you have an existing patio roof structure that you would like to enclose? Now you can turn that wasted space into living space by adding a modular wall system or building a conventional wall construction. Your patio can now become an office, workout room or simply a nice place to retreat away from the elements.

 How would you know what wall to choose? Depend on several factors that you will need to investigate. Some of the factors are: Cost, looks, and compliance with your home owners association as well as building codes.

 Consult with a contractor who has vast experience in both systems and have knowledge of your local and sate building codes.

Garden Room-Sunroom Addition

datePosted on 23:42, March 30th, 2012 by admin

A garden room or an Arizona room has all the charm and grace of our sunrooms and features the added beauty of a highly insulated roof system – staying cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Your new Garden room will become the most lived room in your home!

 With its unique gable roof design, our garden room is the perfect fit for those wanting a sunroom but with a liitle more of the “room” feeling. The vaulted cathedral ceiling and the peaked front wall give a spacious impression while allowing plenty of indirect light.

Conservatory and Sunroom in Arizona

datePosted on 19:52, March 30th, 2012 by admin

Conservatories or curved eave sunrooms are the most luxurious and exciting room addition that can be added to your home.. Often referred to as “Arizona Room”, the sunroom adds a new dimension to both your home and your lifestyle as they offer you nearly unobstructed views of the outdoors. A feature that allow you, to enjoy the Arizona unique and beautiful landscape, all year around.

 However, this type of sunroom must be design properly and placed in the right orientation. We, at AZ Enclosures and Sunrooms have over 25 years experience in the design and installation of conservatories, Arizona rooms, curved eave sunrooms, sunroom additions and patio enclosures as well as all types and sizes of room additions. Sunroom or patio enclosure is the perfect way to create a backyard oasis or turn wasted space into living space. We offer several styles and variations of each to fit any requests and lifestyles.

Sunroom and Patio Roof -HOA Requirements

datePosted on 14:08, March 28th, 2012 by admin
More and more of the HOA in Arizona are objecting and will not approve any patio roof that is not identical in materials, colors and looks as of the existing house. Aluminum patio roofs are being built usually in an area with no HOA regulations. It is also true for new patio enclosures and new sunrooms or any room addition to the house. The good news is that a custom “stick built” patio roof cover, sunroom addition, and patio enclosures can cost the same and in many cases will cost less than any aluminum patio roof or any modular sunroom or patio enclosure. AZ Enclosures and Sunrooms custom build all types of roofs, enclosures and sunrooms for 30% – 40% less than the leading competitors in Arizona. It is important to know that all patio enclosures, sunroom addition and room additions are usable in all four seasons of the year. It’s customers are happy to end up with an improvement to the house that looks like part of the original design. AZ Enclosures and Sunrooms service the entire Phoenix Valley and provides many free services such as design, estimates and consultation. Request for free estimates by calling 602-791-3228 or writing to